Cassette AC Service In Vadodara

Cassette air conditioners can be mounted discreetly on the ceiling and placed in the middle to distribute cooling air to a distant part of the room. Of course, cassette type air conditioning systems must be installed correctly. For the transport of coolant or gas, the inner and outer chambers must be connected to each other with copper pipes. Ceiling or wall mounted or demounted air conditioners where space is limited, there is no wall to mount the isolation unit, or ceiling space for ductwork is limited. We offer a complete service from installation to maintenance.

Why Do Our Clients Recommend Us?

The careful design, cutting-edge technology and testing of all our installations enable us to meet the highest industry standards. From our test and service engineers to our customer support and after-sales services, all of our qualified and experienced staff always produce quality work. We offer the best solutions for all your needs.